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The Hawk Ranger 223-foot Adventure Explorer Yacht

The new 223-foot Hawk Ranger explorer yacht is designed for comfort on both polar and tropical expeditions. Envision a yacht which can go anyplace and confront any weather conditions. The Hawk Ranger is an experience yacht with the center of an explorer. The 223-foot yacht has been created by Hawk Yachts linking their...

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1965 Ferrari 275 GTB Speciale Coupe – Most Expensive Car sold US $8,085,0,000

1965 Ferrari 275 GTB Speciale The One-of-a-Kind 275 GTB Speciale – A True Masterpiece of automotive art. Built by Carrozzeria Pininfarina for the personal use of Battista Pininfarina, featuring numerous bespoke coachwork details and desirable 6-carb engine. Displayed at the Frankfurt, Paris, Torino, and Brussels...

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This Diamond Encrusted Knife Costs more than a Porsche 911

The Platinum Mamba Knife There are things that define luxury and there's this $150,000 platinum knife which takes it into a completely new level! We're talking about what could easily be the most expensive knife on the planet -- The Platinum Mamba that comes adorned with glittering diamonds and a gorgeous platinum-coated body.

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