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World’s Most Expensive Bluefin Tuna $3.1m Record Price

A Japanese sushi restaurant owner has paid a whopping price for a rare Bluefin Tuna

To get one bluefin tuna at the very first tuna auction of the new year in Tokyo’s recently relocated Tsukiji fish market is a big affair. The record priced fish weighed 612 lbs, putting the cost per pound in almost $5,000.

Japan as a country is the greatest consumer of Tuna on earth. However, little had we understood that the nation’s obsession with all the fish could have its small business community spending a fortune to sample fish!

The fish has been bought by self-proclaimed Japanese “Tuna King” and ice shop proprietor Kiyoshi Kimura who also broke the previous record (for its most expensive fish to be sold at auction) of 155 million yen which was paid at the 2013 yearly New Year’s auction. The bluefin tuna weighed 612 lbs (278 pound ) and has been marketed as a item at this New Year’s auction in Tokyo’s Toyosu fish market on Saturday. It was allegedly caught close to northern Japan’s Aomori prefecture and is regarded as one of the very premium looking versions of its own type as seen in a really long time.

Commenting On the marketplace, Kimura (who’s also the president of sushi restaurant series Sushi-Zanmai), stated,

“I anticipated it (the fish ) will probably be between 30 million and 50 million yen ($276,421 — $460,702), or maximum at 60 million yen ($552,843), but it ended five times more costly. He added, “The fish appears so yummy since it is fat and (seems) very refreshing. It’s an excellent tuna. However, I believe I did pay too much”.

Well, spending $3.1 million on a single fish ‘too much’ he surely did!

The first tuna market of this year in Tokyo’s fresh fish market place a world record price on Saturday following a restaurant chain that paid a price – over $3 million – to get a giant bluefin tuna.

The town’s famous Tsukiji fish market was recently moved into the new area of the city called the Toyosu area, late last year to generate way for the 2020 Olympics. The fish marketplace was well known for its pre-dawn tuna auctions, a convention that’s continuing in the new site.

Potential buyers walked row by row of the freshly caught giant tuna fish, examining the fish prior to making their bids. The $5.3 billion new air-conditioned fish market centre at Toyosu is a far cry from the dirt and grit of Tsukiji, which functioned as the city’s most important fish market for 83 decades.

The fish was photographed at one of the buyers restaurants close to the fish market, as demonstrated by a tweet about the Sushi Zanmai fish restaurant.

Pictures reveal a grinning Mr. Kimura with many staff members supporting a massive cut of fish.

The bluefin tuna, among the most endangered species, was captured off Japan’s west shore.

The species, the world’s biggest tuna, can survive up to 40 decades but has come to be seriously compromised in recent years due to overfishing, as stated by the world wide fund for nature.

Fishermen, driven by the high price, have started using innovative strategies to capture the precious fish, leaving the breed on the point of collapse. An estimated 80 percent of the world’s catch of bluefin tuna belongs to Japan to be used in sushi and sashimi, and also the nation has chosen from international conservation efforts previously.

Japan has attempted to farm bluefin tuna as an alternate source, but the fish are difficult to be produced on a industrial scale due to the time it takes for them to completely grow.

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