Tiffany & Co Launch First Engagement Ring Collection in 10 Years

Tiffany & Co has amazed everyone with the first new engagement ring collecton in over a decade. The iconic American jewelry manufacturer has always been in the forefront of luxury and exclusive jewelry, and the new set is set to combine the legendary Tiffany & Co with the modern and innovative design is typical of Tiffany and provides a distinctive touch.

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The most obvious engagement ring of this collection must surely be the Tiffany Setting, with its truly distinctive and unmistakable six-prong setting that has become a universal symbol of love. The Tiffany True enriches this heritage even farther providing a new and novel representation of love as we view it now.

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Tiffany was, of course, responsible for the first Tiffany Setting, created in 1886, which has since come to signify the best in love and devotion. The brand new Tiffany True collection is the ultimate expression of contemporary romance, and its distinctive setting and finely cut diamond is an engagement ring to expire for! It has a few neat and subtle touches such as its minimum architecture structure and discreet markings on its side. The large diamond is held in place by delicate prongs that combine perfectly into the very fabric of this diamond, helping to make it seem even more brilliant and incredibly pure than it is. Both are equally magnificent and hit shops in autumn 2019 from the USA and globally.

American jewellery manufacturer Tiffany & Co has unveiled its first new engagement ring set in just a decade.

The new range, ‘Tiffany True’, was motivated by the ‘T’ at the Brand’s name and provides a new modern aesthetic to the brand’s iconic engagement ring offering.

Key features include a brand new diamond cut which maximises brilliance, contrast and light and a subtle T on the side.

Whilst the atmosphere has been made to make a basket to the ring, Allowing it to sit on the finger to get a more modern sense, it still remains true to the iconic Tiffany engagement ring setting the brand is renowned for.

As the first new bridal line in nearly a decade, and the first Engagement ring made by the chief creative officer, Reed Krakoff, this is a substantial step for Tiffny & Co, which has been on a mission to recover market share and attract younger customers.

Only one, the cut, is made by human hands and Tiffany’s artisans have worked hard to create something fresh and innovative.

Main facet, improving its lustre through heightened contrast and dispersed light.

The newest comments: “With this new fashion, Tiffany & Co. leveraged Its distinctive diamond cutting experience with an innovative cut named Tiffany True because of its real ability to captivate.

The Tiffany True engagement ring is minimal, solidly assembled and subtly marked on the side with a ‘T’ — a subtle detail that’s personal to the wearer.

Delicate band that’s been sculpted to reflect light in a manner that doesn’t compete with the rock, a design hallmark which allows the diamond to shine its complete brightest.

The basket’s delicate prongs blend seamlessly into the diamond, which makes it seem even brighter.

Thriving to protect the world that inspires its jewelry lines, Tiffany & Co says it’s placing sustainability at the center of the new line.

The newest shares: “As a pioneer in sustainable luxury, we supply our Diamonds and precious metals, and craft our jewelry in ways which are ethically and environmentally responsible to create Tiffany a brand you are able to wear.

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“After the diamonds start their journey at an approved mine, they are Cut in state-of-the-art workshops, ensuring that our gems are constantly in the hands of responsible, highly skilled craftsmen.

“In the rough to the elegant, the Tiffany True diamond is entrusted Only to specialist craftsmen who produce their artwork to the maximum level.”

Using a yellow diamond, Tiffany True debuts this fall in North America and gores international 2019.

Gave us a new engagement ring design to salivate over, but the company has done it with the launching of the Tiffany True cut. The brand new cut flaunts more of the diamond’s primary facet enabling it to capture more light and look radiant.

The brand new cut flaunts more of the diamond’s primary facet enabling it to capture more light and look radiant.

The setting is designed to be modern with four link sides that make a basket for the rock, allowing it to sit on the finger. There’s a subtle “T” shape in the atmosphere that’s visible from the sides. Tiffany CEO Alessandro Bogliolo told Fortune that the T-shape was meant to be somewhat subtle and not obtrusive.

The company believes that their Authentic rings have all of the makings of a modern classic, with a layout that is minimal without compromising on style.

“Each diamond reflects Tiffany’s devotion to choosing only excellent quality and sustainably sourced stone,”

Melvyn Kirtley, chief gemologist and Vice President of Global Category Marketing in Tiffany & Co

“The architectural T-shaped design from the atmosphere subtly brands the ring whilst showcasing the genius of the legitimate cut diamond.”

The True rings can be found in two styles, a platinum ring with a diamond or a yellow gold ring with a yellow diamond. Prices begin at $7,000.

The Legitimate collection also features a Variety of bracelets comprising interlocking “T”s.

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These rings are gorgeous, but are they new and revolutionary as Tiffany seems to think? Given way to more trendy alternatives? We certainly adore this new launch.

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