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The Hallucination – $55 Million Quartz Watch

Graff have created one of the most expensive watches in the world, the striking Hallucination watch. It comes with an incredible price tag of $55 million! Encrusted with multicoloured and rare diamonds, the Hallucination includes 110 carats worth of diamonds, that have been inserted, one by one, by master craftsmen to make this vibrant and remarkable masterpiece. Graff Luxury Diamond House has to be taken seriously after the debut of the unique and beautiful, handmade, diamond encrusted timepiece.

Graff Diamonds: Hallucination Watch – $55m Price Tag

The Graff Hallucination was first Presented at Baselworld, in which the public gets the opportunity to view it for the very first time. Little did they realise the Hallucination was the most expensive thing ever displayed at the Baselworld exhibition. It’s rumoured that Mr Graff spent several years amassing the stones that were eventually used for the watch. Each stone was selected separately. He explained the Hallucination as’a sculptural masterpiece and party of coloured diamonds. He further remarked,”For several decades now, I have thought about developing a remarkable watch that illustrates our all-consuming enthusiasm for diamonds,” he says.

“The Hallucination view has made my dream a reality.”

The Graff luxury house revealed the entire world The unique, ladies’ jewellery watch in the world. The dial and face are completely encrusted with vibrant and fancy diamonds. The diamonds are of the very highest quality and come in the following colours, red, pink, violet, yellow, cognac, blue, and green olive. Graff have to have realised how amazing the watch could be, thus the name Hallucination, yet is it a gorgeous reality! The lucky girl who wears this immaculate timepiece would certainly be treated like royalty!

The most expensive watch in the world

At first glance, an Individual could hardly spot anything really tentative about Graff Diamonds’ very first appearance at Baselworld before this season. The booth, 503 square meters upon a single elevated space, was created by Graff’s Monaco-based interior design team in the likeness of a Graff Boutique. The booth was quite charming indeed, with walnut paneling and bronze attribute showcases; nonetheless , it had been the treasure within that triggered an almost dreamlike state.

The Feeling of unreality was likely caused by one really Pricey quartz watch — the Graff Diamonds Hallucination, priced at fifty-five million dollars ($55 million), definitely, the very precious watch ever made. The incredible value stems from 110 carats of really uncommon and really large coloured diamonds put to a bracelet of platinum. Additionally, many distinct cuts are used, like heart shape, pear shape, marquise, emerald, radiant, and around. I have detailed the colors and cuts to signify the vast array of rare diamonds included from the Graff Diamonds Hallucination watch.

Where does the timepiece facet come into all this? Well, if you Look very closely, you can make out the small quartz dial, framed by pink diamonds, delicately displaying uber-accurate moment. No need for a power book or automatic winding, this baby keeps on ticking for months on end. The Graff Diamonds Hallucination is ideal for the ladies… or a very lucky lady, whose net worth will grow in leaps and bounds.

The idea of making this expensive piece of haute horology came from Laurence Graff, the Chairman of Graff Diamonds. In the end, nobody else on the lower rungs of the company ladder may even conceive of a half-dozen thousand dollar timepiece without a raised eyebrow or two.

Hallucination is a sculptural masterpiece, a celebration of the wonder of colored diamonds”

He started out as an Apprentice into a jeweler in the Hatton Garden District. Being a mere apprentice did not survive long, quite soon he was producing his very own jewelry pieces. By the time he was 24, he’d already opened two of his own jewelry shops in London. As he traveled the planet, his clientele grew, and so did the demand for more significant jewelry pieces. Astoundingly, by age 30, he had set up among the biggest jewelry manufacturing business in Britain. In 1973, he became the first jeweler to receive the Queens Award to Industry and Export. He opened his flagship store on Bond Street.
Hallucination timepiece for quite a while. In Mr. Graff’s words:”For many years I have thought about creating a truly remarkable watch that illustrates our all consuming passion for diamonds.

I must say, initially, I was quite amazed and horrified that a Single timepiece could cost so much, but after delving into the process by which one uncommon colored diamond is sourced from a rough rock; cut to perfection, lustrous, and finally set to the piece of jewellery or timepiece, I understood each and each diamond is a story unto itself.

The wrist. The clasp is hidden once the bracelet is closed and may only be unfastened by putting pressure on a single diamond.

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Why would Graff make such a grand slice? Graff unveiled the Hallucination to showcase the company’s authority, skill, innovation, and excellence from the diamond industry, from manufacturing to retail. After all, Laurence Graff is the controlling shareholder in the Southern African Diamond Corporation (SAFDICO). SAFDICO is among the main diamond manufacturers in South Africa, sporting the largest polishing and cutting factories located out of Johannesburg. Tens of thousands of Graff diamonds are cut and polished annually and also the best of the best are used to create Graff jewelry. One of the thousands of diamonds, Mr. Graff is always seeking the cutest crochet, either in the cut and polished. In his pursuit for the ultimate diamond, some of their most treasured gemstones have passed through his palms. The latest of which is the famous 550 ct Letseng Star which was found, as with a number of other infrequent Graff diamonds, at the Letseng Mine in Lesotho.

We search on a daily basis to get stones From the polished or rough. The best stones are rarer than anyone could ever imagine,” Laurence Graff said.

The Graff Diamonds Hallucination watch retains many of those rare finds In one timepiece. Best top notch designers, gemologists, and Master Craftsman spent literally tens of thousands of hours creating this particular piece of horological jewelry. The diamonds are hand fitted into the imperceptible platinum setting to make a multicolored bracelet heaving beneath the weight of its precious load.

Graff is the creator of the fascinating MasterGraff Grand Date Dual Time Tourbillon which incorporates three distinct complications into one timepiece: The flying tourbillon, dual time function, and expansive date. Why have I said this triple negative timepiece from Graff? Because I can’t fathom why Graff made a half-dozen thousand dollar timepiece using a quartz movement. I have to admit the quartz movement appeared like an afterthought, whereby an exceedingly expensive bracelet quite abruptly became a watch. Maybe Laurence Graff wanted a diminutive dial in order not to detract from the charm of the gemstones. Maybe certain ladies of great value do not care for mechanical command, but rather the glitter of diamonds. After all, did Marilyn Monroe not state,”Diamonds are a girls best friend?” Or maybe only a quartz movement may fit into the structure of the bracelet without unduly distressing the careful positioning of 110 ct of diamonds that are dark.

In any event, I believe Mr. Graff realized he went a bit over the top with the outrageous value of this Graff Diamonds Hallucination, Particularly into the layperson who may inspect all facets of this timepiece. Masses, he padded the blow off with the title of the timepiece — the Hallucination.

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