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Earn £500 to test the world’s first gold-infused fragrance!

We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with the Cotswold Perfumery to launch the world’s first money-infused fragrance, ‘The Scent of Success’!

The bespoke fragrance will be infused with both gold and banknotes to give it the specific scent of money to ensure you smell rich, no matter your income.

We’re now looking for 25 people from across the UK to trial the fragrance prior to its release. Each fragrance tester will be paid £500 for their review and feedback.

The fragrance is set to cost £130 for a 100ml bottle and will go on sale following initial tests.

If you are interested in testing the fragrance, please apply by submitting your details below.

John Stephen, Chief perfumer at Cotswold Perfumery said,

“We’ve never attempted to create a money-infused fragrance, or even heard of it before got in touch to make the suggestion, however with over 50 years’ experience creating world-renowned perfumes, we’re certainly up to the challenge! 

“Although it’s not the norm, both banknotes and gold are ingredients we can add into a fragrance, and will no doubt make a very unique scent. Who knows; ‘The Scent of Success’ might be the next big thing in the perfumery world!”

 Aaron Harpin, HushHush,com founder said,

“Our customers at always want the highest quality products to suit their affluent lifestyles. There are so many gold products out there, from face masks to food, however there has never been a gold or money infused fragrance.

“We hope that by creating ‘The Scent of Success’, customers can smell as rich as they feel, whether they are already wealthy or just wish to be rich! If you are interested in trying out the product, please sign up to be one of the first to test out the world’s first money infused fragrance.”Sound like something you can help with? Please apply here:

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