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New dress or a new car? Royal wardrobe price comparison

We all know the Royals are known for wearing expensive, high-end fashion items and are often pictured dressed head to toe in designer outfits. However, we wanted to know just how much the Duchess of Cambridge and Sussex spend on an average outfit, so enlisted the help of our fashion experts.

It turns out that Kate’s average outfit value is £3,000 more than Meghan’s! We looked at outfits worn by each Princess, making sure to get a mixture of public appearance looks and casual attire in there so it represents their wardrobes accurately. 

Our experts only took into account garments and shoes and found that Kate’s average outfit costs £27,172 and Meghan’s £23,970.

Our research shows that Kate’s wardrobe boasts designer dresses from Alexander McQueen, and a classic tweed Chanel suit, however the Duchess of Cambridge also regularly wears high street labels such as TopShop and Zara. 

Meghan’s wardrobe features a few custom made pieces from high-end designers Givenchy and Carolina Herrera, as well as items from high street brands such as Jigsaw and J Crew. 

Our experts also commented that although Meghan’s wardrobe is more consistently designer, Kate tends to wear more expensive designer pieces, and is a big fan of Alexander McQueen and Emilia Wickstead frocks. Both princesses often opt for custom made designer pieces for functions, which can increase a dress’s price by 40% on average.

We thought we’d put together some of the Princess’ most luxurious (and expensive) looks, and to put their value into perspective, we’ve compared what the same amount could mean for an average UK household.

Take a look below at some of the Duchesses most expensive outfits:

Top left: This custom made emerald green Alexander McQueen coat has been recycled by Kate in recent years, and costs £3,200, the equivalent to a Caribbean cruise holiday.

Top middle: Kate paired this classic Chanel tweed suit with a Chanel belt and comes with a hefty price tag of £8,110, the same amount will buy you a brand new Skoda Citigo hatchback car.

Top right: Kate donned another Alexander McQueen dress for her sister’s wedding, which would have cost around £11,220, which will also buy you a conservatory on your house.

Bottom: This £8,600 Alexander McQueen floral frock has been worn twice by Kate, and is the same price as a new kitchen.

Top left: This Givenchy dress was valued at around £18,000 – the equivalent of one year’s school fees at a public school such as Cheltenham College.

Top centre: An outfit Meghan wore to meet with the Irish President was calculated to total around £15,000 or a medium sized family hatchback.

Top right: This Safiyaa evening gown comes in at a shade over £12,000 or slightly more than a year’s salary for an 18-year old on the National Minimum Wage.

Bottom: This denim Carolina Herrera dress costs £1,752, or an average monthly wage for a Brit.

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