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Can you help? Professional honey trapper needed

For thousands of people around the world, gold digging is a very real, and very sensitive issue. Whether you’re just someone with a nice car, or a self-made billionaire – there are often people looking to cling on to you because of your money; something one of our customers is worried might be happening to him.

Last week we were contacted by one of our regular customers, asking for help in finding a ‘professional honey trapper’ – which as you can probably imagine isn’t the kind of request we’re used to receiving. However, as with all of our customers, if there’s something you need, we will always try to help.

So, to cut to the chase, our customer, who for obvious reasons wishes to remain unnamed, is looking for male honey trapper to try and ‘bait’ his soon-to-be wife into revealing her true intentions – something that isn’t going to be an easy task.

His reasoning behind wanting to do it is pretty simple – he’s been messed around before for his money, and since getting engaged to his girlfriend, has become increasingly worried that this relationship might be heading in the same direction. She has refused his suggestions of a pre-nup, and since getting engaged just a few weeks ago, is becoming ever-more agitated to tie the knot, despite there being no reason to rush the wedding. 

The request he sent us set out a list of requirements for the right candidate, and what the role will entail. The selected candidate must be ‘good looking’, have the ability to act convincingly, have facial hair and be in good physical shape – no small ask.

The man says the reason for these requirements is that he’d like the honey trapper to play the role of a good looking, wealthy man until the ‘exercise’ is concluded. The chosen candidate will be given access to a premium property, a couple of luxury cars and an agreed budget to spend whilst “working”. 

He says that he wants to see if an apparently wealthy, exciting younger man will tempt her away from him, after admitting in his request that he is ‘hardly in the prime of his life’.

We’ve agreed to make the man’s request public, as obviously this isn’t something that sits within our usual remit – however as mentioned above, due to the nature of the request, the man has asked to remain unnamed during the appeal.

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