Multi-Millionaire Wants to Spend £12m… on a Mountain

One of our loyal customers has reached out to us for help with a unique request, and when we say unique we mean unique!

The multi-millionaire would like to buy a mountain in the UK to carve his family’s faces into, similar to Mount Rushmore, and although we have islands for sale on, unfortunately we don’t have any cliff edges or mountains listed yet.


Mount Rushmore, South Dakota, USA

We agreed to help him in his search, and hope that by making his request public, someone will be able to get in touch and give us a potential lead. His budget is £12 million, to buy the mountain/cliff edge and hire a team of stone carvers and masons to do the work.


Here is the request:

Hi Aaron,

How have you been?

Thanks so much for helping me out last week, my wife loved the necklace – it was a great find! I have another favour to ask you… I wonder if you know of any mountains being sold? Maybe a cliff face? The reason I ask is because I’d like to see if I can buy one and then carve my family’s face onto it as a surprise. It would be good to immortalise the family, and this is a fun and unique way to do it (I’m thinking Mount Rushmore style).

Size-wise, it’ll need to fit me, the missus, my three boys, my daughter and our dog so I’d like it to be quite large.

I’ll need this to be top secret though, similar to the island I bought two years ago – the kids’ reaction to that was immense and I want to see what happens with this!

Any ideas? Have about £12 million put aside for this so really want this to happen!

Cheers mate!


If you have any information on potential mountains or would like to take part in the project, please get in contact using the form below:


Know someone who can help with this request?


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