The Million Pound Question – Can Piers Morgan stay off of Twitter for a whole year?

Pinned to the top of Piers’ Twitter profile is his 2019 resolution to be “just as annoying, argumentative and insufferably right about everything”. We at are ready to stop Piers Morgan from doing what he does best – annoying people on Twitter – and are willing to put our money where our mouth is.

Further fuelled by his recent Heat magazine’s ‘2019 Secret Crush award’, his smugness is becoming even harder to handle. Morgan has also promised no apologies to “PC-crazed snowflake imbeciles” offended by his posts.

It turns out the public may agree with us. After analysing Piers’ Twitter profile’s social media sentiment over 7 days, 50% of posts about Piers are negative, 40% are neutral and just 10% are positive in relation to the Good Morning Britain presenter.

So here it is, our message to Piers –

Piers, we, and many others, loathe your belief that you are always right. Our offer to you Piers, should you choose to accept it (and we hope you will), is £1 million, to you or a charity of your choice, in exchange for you to come off Twitter for a full year, thereby making it a happier place.

Here are the terms and conditions:

·       A contract must be signed stating that Piers Morgan shall abstain from posting any form of message on Twitter, whether this is publicly or privately, from 18th March 2019 to 18th March 2020. Funds only to be transferred if Piers abstains for the full 12 months.

·       If Piers Morgan is found in to be in breach of the above, the contract is null and void.

We will be getting in touch with Piers’ management with this offer and hope to hear back swiftly.

Aaron Harpin, founder and CEO of said:

“They say that money can’t buy happiness, but this offer comes pretty close. At, we make people’s dreams come true with luxurious products and experiences, but none sound better than this. Imagine 365 days of Piers-free bliss online! This isn’t being stretched to Piers’ TV appearances but at least it’s easier to turn the TV off than to avoid him online!

Aaron Harpin, founder and CEO of

“Personally, I just cannot understand how someone can be so opinionated all the time. My only fear is that he could come back worse than before, but it’ll be a nice break. I hope if he accepts it will go towards making Twitter a more pleasant social media platform.”

Aaron Harpin, founder and CEO of

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