Designer & Luxury Chandeliers

From stunning centrepieces to modern designs, a twinkling feature light acts as a room’s focal point. Shop designer chandeliers from our range of luxury international brands, with 1,000’s to choose from, we are sure you you will find the perfect chandelier for you and your home.

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Unique Designer & Luxury Collections – Chandeliers

When you gaze up in your home, what do you see? If you can envision luxury Chandeliers, hopefully you see a world of potential. Designer lighting adds luxury and ambiance in broad and fine strokes of unrivaled brilliance. Transforming your home one room at a time with luxury Chandeliers will not only create a sense of opulence, it will reshape the overall feel of your entire household. Driven by artistry and fascinated with form, our curated selection of luxury lighting draws exclusively from brands that strive for perfection, craftsmanship and innovation. Take a moment to pause and appreciate the finer details of designer Chandeliers here. Learn more about the finer details of luxury lighting and explore brands that have spent their time carefully honing their passions to create stunning designer lighting for every walk of life.

Best Designer Chandelier Brands on HushHush

Diversity is a thing of beauty, especially within design and this something we are proud to possess at HushHush! The diversity of our range of top designers means that we have designer lighting and chandeliers with different inspirations, crafting methods and materials resulting in a wide variety of designs that can cater to people with all kinds of tastes.