Luxury & Designer Lighting

Our range of lighting includes statement chandeliers, designer pendants. Lighting is a beautiful way to enhance any space, luxury and designer lighting introduces style alongside flattering illumination. Explore our selection of sleek, contemporary table lamps and floor lamps, traditional sconces & wall lamps & statement chandeliers to perfectly fit for your interiors. Free world-wide delivery.

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Luxury & Designer Lighting

Discover the classic handcrafted luxury lighting, chandeliers and much more in a variety of designs and finishes to suit every location and requirement. Find designer lighting for every room in your home, from stylish pendants to classic work lights. For targeted lighting, use perfectly positioned appliques and kitchen hangers to provide direct light for the task at hand. Our luminaire collections, provide a functional, timeless option for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

General Lighting / Ambient Light

General lighting (sometimes also known as ambient light) fills up between the two and is designed to illuminate the area. Led lights or bulbs are now available to retrofit retro instead of high-energy bulbs. The lighting is classified according to the general use, accent lighting or task lighting, depending on the arrangement of the light produced by the luminaire.

Different Lighting Types

If you’re cooking, reading, knitting or doing something that needs strong light, be sure to include reading lamps, desk lamps or other task lighting to illuminate your workspace.

Flashlights point the ceiling light, while other floor lamps focus the light down to read. Hanging lighting is hanging from the ceiling and provides single – surface lighting pools.

For targeted lighting, use perfectly positioned appliques and kitchen hangers to provide direct light for the task at hand. From the kitchen island’s pendants to the wall lights above the open shelves, discover how to light up the multifunctional room.

Chandeliers and Statement Lighting

Find chandeliers and statement lighting, as well as coordinating equipment and furnishings, including dining tables, chairs and stools. Examples include hand-carved, oxidised aluminium table lamp in an antique black finish with a natural linen shade.

Pendant Lighting

Pendants are used to provide task lighting over tables and workspaces such as kitchen islands. For individual luminaires, you can add dimmers or fully built-in dimming systems that allow you to control the lighting throughout the room with a single switch.

Designer Lamps, Wall And Ceiling Lights For Any Room

Illuminate the beauty of your interior space with our designer lighting collection of luxury table lamps, floor lamps, chandeliers and more…