Hermes Foosball Table – US $67,600

This Foosball Table price costs more than a Porsche Boxster

Hermes has taken a step into soccer. This exclusive foosball table football game is covered in lush maple and calfskin, giving it a fantastic look and fit for a king. If you fancy a game of table football in style, then the Hermes Foosball Table is for you, in other words, should you like to cough up US $67,600 for this distinctive collectible. You can watch the tasteful soccer players in vibrant silken jerseys play on a lavish leather soccer field. The complex leather work and handmade stitching are refined to highlight the unique qualities of these materials. The table steps 65.94 inches long, by 43.54 wide and 37.28 inches high.

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The ultra-cool collectible is made around the traditional table football game but with added touches of luxury and opulence. The fast-paced, wrist twisting football experience by Hermes is one odd yet innovative product. The sport is an elegant and exceptional table setup to fuse the three noble sports of soccer, foosball and horse racing. The game is filled with rows of uniformed Jockeys, a yellowish base that’s actually striking and beautifully crafted handles and trims living up to its Hermes namesake.The complex and vivid details of this Silk painted jerseys along with a helmet and goggles are all set, and it’s game on! You may even see them grinning with a glimmer in their eyes! With a walnut wood crafted table, it’s intended to last many chaotic conflicts and contests. Calfskin leather is the area of play and no top pulling or fouling is enabled in this visually elegant Hermes Foosball Table.

This is a product which showcases the polished skills of Hermes craft makers. This Hermés Foosball Table Can Be Yours for $68,000 USD the Perfect pièce du resistance for your guy cave.

File it under leisurely pursuits: Foosball hasn’t really met the same rigorous olympic criteria as most traditional sports, but it does demand hand-eye coordination, grip strength, and a willingness to berate figurines for missing an open goal like they were flesh and blood. (Those who prefer to not sweat can opt for darts or back-seat driving.)

The Hermés Foosball Table Can Be Yours for a mere $68,000 USD

There are posh game tables and hearty diversions, and then there’s this walnut and Swift calfskin ($67,600) creation. It is an item for aggressive design individuals who wish to succeed at everything, including standing still.

Quietly decreasing the fighting spirit of others. Imagine if it had been monogrammed? Opulence, and the Foosball Table game solidifies that leading reputation. An unusual, yet highly desired work of art, luxury never comes cheap, and the cost of US $67,600 is high; nevertheless, there’ll undoubtedly be no shortage of takers.

Your conventional game of foosball has lately dropped into the world of luxury because of Hermés. The French style house has included its own lavish spin to the home game by building its version with sturdy walnut in vibrant yellow and green colours. Calfskin leather can be added to indicate that the tag’s devotion to the exquisite material. Furthermore, each jockey is outfitted in a silk jersey while more intricate detailing is shared through the table saddle stitching, polishing and upholstery.

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Have a look at it above and let us know your thoughts on this upscale house conversation piece. Like it? Want it?

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