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Fancy a gig as a ‘festival concierge’?

We have a few interesting requests from our customers from time to time, and at, we pride ourselves on our ability to help our customers’ dreams come true. That’s what luxury concierge services do! 

When we received this request, we knew it was an opportunity that would be of interest to a lot of music fans and festival goers. 

The request comes from a millionaire who’s on the hunt for a festival concierge who can help him have the most authentic festival experience… but with his usual luxuries. The millionaire has never been to a festival and said he feels like he is missing out. 

So, what will the successful festival concierge do? Well, you’ll be attending some the biggest festivals, while assisting the millionaire. You’ll be expected to help set up the tent, buy camping supplies and help ensure the millionaire has a great experience. It’s a great opportunity for both the millionaire and concierge! 

It’s a great opportunity for the festival concierge, as they will get paid £5,000 per festival as well as free admission to some of the best European festivals 2019 has to offer.

Suitable candidates will need to be at least 18 years old, have good experience with attending festivals and a passport.

This is really exciting for us. To be able to provide someone with a great ‘money can’t buy’ experience that they will remember forever means a lot to us.

Festivals can be both a daunting and exhilarating experience for first-timers, so it’s understandable to why our customer has some concerns about attending for the first time. Having a festival concierge is a great way of navigating the festival safely while also enjoying an authentic experience.

Apply using the form below (good luck):

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