Cruise Ship to Launch with Full Sized Roller Coaster on Board

Just when you thought cruise ships had it all – This ship will come with a huge roller coaster

360-degree sea views riding the first ever at-sea roller coaster on Carnival Cruise Line’s Mardi Gras, starting in 2020.

The BOLT: Ultimate Sea Coaster provides almost 800ft of spins, turns and drops and speeds of up to 40mph. Mardi Gras, Carnival’s largest ship to date, will have a passenger capacity of approximately 5,200.

Riding in one of those electrical roller coasters’ two-person motorcycle-like vehicles, passengers will use a bicycle to control their pace as they race across the trail, sitting 187ft above sea level.

“It will be our most innovative boat ever with a few genuinely special features and attractions, highlighted by BOLT rollercoaster.”

At the end of the track every race passenger can watch for their speed to be posted then get a photograph of an action shot on the ride.

The cruise ship Mardi Gras will have capacity for approximately 5,200 passengers. Mardi Gras takes her title from Carnival’s first boat, which entered Service in 1972 with the title declared on popular game show, Wheel of Fortune — it had been spelled throughout the programme’s signature puzzle board.

Carnival Cruise’s New Mardi Gras Cruise Ship with Roller Coaster

Ms Duffy said:

“Our first boat Mardi Gras was a historic boat, Introducing a completely new style of cruising into the holidaying public. What better way to pay tribute to our firm’s almost 50-year history of producing wonderful holiday memories than by naming this revolutionary vessel following our first and beloved fun ship.”

She’ll be based at Port Canaveral, Florida. Mardi Gras will be almost six times the size of her namesake original ship and will be the first cruise ship in North America to be powered by Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), a relatively clean burning gas. Passengers will be able to enjoy the amazing ocean and land views, in between screams from the attractions.

Carnival begins construction of the new carnival ship in 2020, using a 2022 delivery to mark the 50th anniversary of Carnival Cruise Line’s heritage. Interested cruisers should keep an eye for Mardi Gras’ itineraries, which should be announced on January 8 and go on sale January 31.

Carnival is one of many cruise lines boasting fairground-style attractions in their boats. Includes a surf simulator and a zip line, by way of instance, while Norwegian Cruise Line’s Norwegian Bliss and Norwegian Joy provide go-kart tracks.

However, in taking this a tad-bit too far, Carnival – one of the world’s largest cruise lines is set to unveil a full-fledged roller coaster on its newly constructed Mardi Gras cruise-ship. Together with a variety of routine amenities, the ship will accommodate a whole roller coaster onboard its deck.

In rise will feature spins, turns and falls with riders reaching speeds of almost 65 km per hour. Constructed by Munich-based Maurer Rides, the all-electric coaster will also feature a track which soars 187 ft Above sea level, where riders can cruise in vehicles similar to motorcycles and reach racing car-like levels of accelerations. They will also have the ability to control and slow down the BOLT vehicles to enjoy the stunning views from such an altitude.

“A really cool invention for Mardi Gras, which will have plenty of new guest experiences and features that we’ve not done before.”

Mardis Gras, that also happens to be Carnival’s largest ship to date, is expected to formally launched in 2020, with additional information about the X Class boat to be shown in the coming months. Until then, all we could do is wait with batted breaths to soar over the waters in authentic an BOLT style rollercoaster!

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