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Caviar Full Baguette by Jacob & Co

Caviar Full Baguette Watch Diamonds and Rubies

Take your time to appreciate the unparalleled complexity and exhilarating beauty of the Jacob & Co. Caviar Full Baguette watch. A coming together of haute joaillerie and haute horlogerie know-how like no other.

Fully set with baguette-cut diamonds and baguette-cut rubies, the Caviar Full Baguette Tourbillon combines absolutely intense aesthetics with our haut de gamme gemsetting and watchmaking know-hows.

Contrary to what one would expect, the Caviar Full Baguette looks even more unreal out in the real world, when it is on the wrist! Its 585 baguette-cut white diamonds and 216 rubies make it reflect light with unparalleled intensivity. Meanwhile, exposed on the dial-side, its flying tourbillon highlights the exquisite exercise in fine watchmaking that lives within its diamond-clad exterior.


Jacob & Co. Caviar Full Baguette watch
Jacob & Co. Caviar Full Baguette watch

A bracelet with links crafted from solid blocks of 18ct white gold wrap this most complex Caviar Full Baguette around the wrist in comfort, security and incredible luster. The links have side profiles invisibly set with baguette-cut diamonds to work as a visual extension of the case’s diamond-set profile.

The 44-millimeter-wide 18ct white gold case and 18ct white gold bracelet of the Caviar Full Baguette exhibit a total of 585 baguette-cut diamonds and 216 rubies, complemented by 455 brilliant-cut diamonds in the movement and a single rose-cut white diamond in the crown. A true testament to the engineering and craftsmanship know-how nurtured by Jacob & Co.


Caviar Full Baguette
Caviar Full Baguette Watch by Jacob & Co

The rose-cut diamond in the crown of the Caviar Full Baguette not only contrasts with the baguette-cut angularity exhibited by the diamonds and rubies set into the rest of the case, but it also hints at a most special treat of the Caviar Full Baguette… Its full pavé diamond-set movement.


Caviar Full Baguette watch diamonds and rubies

The front-facing facets of the solid 18ct white gold links in the bracelet of the Caviar Full Baguette feature baguette-cut diamonds and rubies as a harmonious and extremely detailed extension of the aesthetic and technical features of the 44-millimeter-wide 18ct white gold case.

Until the creation of the exclusive JCBM05 caliber, no movement could have hoped to keep the pace with the intense brilliance of the Caviar Full Baguette’s exterior. Offering 100 hours of power reserve matched with the beautiful intricacy of a one-minute flying tourbillon, the JCBM05 has bridges specifically designed to be able to accommodate the 455 full pavé set white diamonds.

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