The Hallucination – $55 Million Quartz Watch

Graff have created one of the most expensive watches in the world, the striking Hallucination watch. It comes with an incredible price tag of $55 million! Encrusted with multicoloured and rare diamonds, the Hallucination includes 110 carats worth of diamonds, that have been inserted, one by one, by master craftsmen to make this vibrant and remarkable masterpiece. Graff...

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Hublot Black Caviar Bang

The renowned watch manufacturer, Hublot, has again outdone itself, with it's latest timepiece the Hublot Black Caviar Bang, a new entrant into the million dollar watch club. Carrying the heritage on, the Caviar Bang comes with an 18k white gold case and grip with countless precision cut black diamonds, at 34.5 complete carats. There are 322 diamonds around...

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Caviar Full Baguette Watch Diamonds and Rubies

Caviar Full Baguette by Jacob & Co

Take your time to appreciate the unparalleled complexity and exhilarating beauty of the Jacob & Co. Caviar Full Baguette watch. A coming together of haute joaillerie and haute horlogerie know-how like no other. Fully set with baguette-cut diamonds and baguette-cut rubies, the Caviar Full Baguette Tourbillon combines absolutely intense aesthetics with our haut de gamme...

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