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E.C. OnlyOne P8 (One-Off)

$2,845,873.20 $2,500,000.00

2004 Ferrari Enzo

$2,101,432.15 $1,850,000.00

Bugatti Veyron 16.4

$1,366,019.14 $1,200,000.00

Looking to buy a Super Cars, Luxury Sports Cars or Classic Car?

Real sports cars will have a minimum load space, a minimum of seating capacity and performance characteristics that most car companies have decided to build.

Family Friendly Sports Cars

For drivers (Dads with children) who want to have fun with a sports car, but prefer a spacious rear passenger room, sports saloons are a popular choice, with cars such as the BMW M3 or AMG C63 at the top of most. With monster-type engines, more robust suspension systems and more aggressive looks, sports sedans are a great addition to a family garage.

Sports compact cars such as the MX-5, Mini Cooper, Volkswagen GTI and Subaru WRX give us a real thrill, providing an exciting (and sometimes extreme) performance and a dynamic drive with a beautiful style and modifications that are impressive in our eyes Nowadays, it seems that people are quickly applying the supercar moniker to a wide range of cars (the Nissan GT-R and Corvette Z06 are not supercars).

Lamborghini says that the aluminium and carbon fiber chassis of Huracan Spyder is 40 percent stiffer in torsion than the old Gallardo (which is a very good thing). Impressive performance and everyday user-friendliness in a supercar, which we believe is the choice of McLaren’s range.

Classic Car Brands with Modern Releases

Aston’s fans will also be pleased to see the return of the name badge DBS, recently seen in the James Bond Casino Royale film, which has joined the famous Superleggera brand in honour of the construction technology pioneers of the Italian car manufacturer.
Aston Martin, a British heritage enthusiast, is in for a treat as the brand is launching a fully redesigned version of its Vantage sports car – the first redesign of the model since 2005.
Jaguar launched a new version of its F – Type Coupe in April 2017, and with a PS49 launch, 900, it offers supercar performance without the supercar cost of some competitors.

Bigger isn’t Always Better

Not many competitors can turn a series of mini roundabouts into as much fun as a two-door sports car. Sports cars do not need to be massive – in fact, being smaller and lighter only improves performance and driving.

The Boxster now has a powerful four-cylinder turbocharged engine with two power sockets, which are located in the centre of the car for better weight distribution, as well as rear wheel drive and superb steering. However, this is not only a question of power: the M2 custom suspension makes it one of the most flexible coupes on the rear wheel. A large tourer, a partial sports car – the Porsche Panamera is a very fast and practical luxury coupe.

Convertible Sports Cars

Convertible sports cars can be small, lightweight and lightweight, such as the MX – 5 Mazda or the powerful hypercar such as the 458 special Spyder or Lamborghini Aventador roadster.
Powerful coupes can be found for a wide range of motor tastes and budgets, from the tiny Corvette crossover chevy or the Jaguar F-Type Coupe to the supercar area such as the Lamborghini Haracan. Think of the Audi RS6 and E63 Estate, and you’re talking about cars that can drive your dog and still have V8 twin – turbo motors and more than 500 hp.

Fast Sports Cars

Fast cars provide a tasty combination of powerful engines with a huge boot at the front, making these cars one of the best all-rounders that can buy.

Hybrid Sports Cars

Hybrid sports cars are becoming more and more impressive every time a new car is announced.
Hybrids will no longer be confined to Toyota Prius drivers who want to squeeze out the largest number of kilometres out of one gallon of fuel, especially when companies like Porsche build such a hybrid 918 Spyder and McLaren’s crazy P1 with its electric drive and large twin turbo.

But alpha could also add a third sports car to the mix, the new 6c could appear as early as next year as a replacement for the 4c, and would be equipped with a 2,9-litre V6 twin turbocharger, which would be able to pull out a healthy 505 hp (376 kilow).

Toyota is expanding its Gazoo Racing division into a road car (Yaris), and the hatchback may be another brand car on the docket. Reports have suggested that the revitalisation of sports cars with a rotational force for almost ten years, but now we can see the super coupe in the sheet metal in 2019.

In many ways, car enthusiasts have the endless competition between Mustang and Camaro, thanks to the super-powerful muscular cars we see today. Whether you’re opting for an Aston V12 turbocharged 5.2 litre or a 4.0-litre Mercedes-AMG V8, DB11’s got a lot of muscle. The airwaves around the body of the sports car, as its 3.8-litre dual-turbocharged engine delivers power to the rear wheels. Mclaren’s sports coupe is a price in the Audi R8 V10 Plus and Lamborghini Huracan LP 580-2.

The luxury brands Audi and Mercedes were not able to outperform their supercar competitors, as they unveiled their latest luxury cars, including the new Audi R8 and Mercedes Maybach. Other British car manufacturers Bentley also took a surprise on the exhibition, revealing their brand new concept of EXP’s 10 Speed 6 sports cars